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Buying A Home? Things to consider before buying your dream property!

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Buying your dream house is one of the real choices that you will make in your life.

Buying a house is without a doubt one of the greatest ventures you will ever make in your life. Additionally, your house is the place where you'll spend probably the most valuable snapshots of your life, be it viewing your kids learn to take their first steps or when you nail your mother's dosa formula!

If you are planning to buy a new house, few things need to be considered before making this dream a truth...

1. Area

'There are three things that matter in property: area, area, area.'

So how do you identify the ideal place?

Well for one, the area of the flat should suit your day by day comfort and be prepared for emergencies. Draw up a list of spots/places that you need near your dream home and the distance of each place from the house you have as a primary concern to check whether the closeness suits you. Here are few samples like nearest main road, hospitals, bus and railway stations, malls, your workplace, cchool and colleges, gym, supermarkets and excellence salon and so forth.

2. Neighborhood

To ensure completely adorable surrounding, do check if you have easy-minded people as fellow residents. This is very easy to see whether the project is already completed and flats are at any rate somewhat occupied.

When you visit the projects, you could simply hit up a discussion with some resident living near the level you have your eye on. Tell them that you're thinking about a buy and that any advice they could help you with in any manner that could be generally useful.

This will give you more deeper understanding into your neighbours and also any hidden advantages of living in the project.

In the event that the project is still under development, visit the public exhibitions and Launches they host to have a better understanding of the sort of residents the developers are focusing on. Additionally, do look at the project's digital presence on Social media websites, land forum, and so forth.

Different things to look out for are the contamination (air and noise) levels in the surrounding zones. Additionally, are there slums adjacent which intensifies the environment? Are the roads clean? Is there surrounding greenery, so that natural air can seep in?

3. Security

The last things you want to experience from are restless evenings in your own bedroom of your image, your new home. To guarantee your home is a heaven of comfort and safety, check if the property has all around set safety cameras and in addition, round-the-clock security protects/ guards.

Luxury properties in Pune

4. Legal Compliance

Guarantee that the following documents are in order:

a. Area Master Plan

While chances are that the designer isn't misrepresenting, it would be wise for you to avail the Area Master Plan from the particular Town Planning Department and confirm the surrounding improvements for yourself.

b. No Objection Certificates (NOCs)

These are regularly required by the manufacturer as an approval/clearance from the following specialists:

  • Urban Land Ceiling (Check materialness for the same)
  • Environmental Clearance
  • Electric, water, and lift experts (if relevant)
  • NOC from neighbouring property
  • You can check appropriateness for a particular NOC from the metropolitan organization accountable for the range the property is situated in.

c. Assigned Area

You should check with the specialist of urban development that the property you plan to purchase is situated in a local residential area and not in a business or commercial zone (which is illegal, coincidentally).

d. Change Approval

If the place you're proposing to buy is situated in a 'changed over zone’ you should ensure that the developer has gotten approval from the specialists with respect to the transformation of the land for business utilisation.

e. Land Record

Request that your builder gives you a duplicate of the title deed document, which clarifies insight about the rights, possessions, enrollment and the vital commitments of the concerned land. You should further check the documents with the nearby land record branch.

6. Infrastructure

The following checklist will help you to decide the infrastructural bandwidth of the development:

Parking space

Is there enough or any parking space for your vehicle? Is it free of cost or payable? If it is payable, then what amount will it cost over a timeframe?


Are there enough lifts to support the private population? If so, are they of the most recent models and from a respectable manufacturer?

Senior Friendliness

If you have an old person living with you, it is of urgent significance that the place is senior people-friendly and permits simple movements and access for a handicapped person.

Water and electric supply and security; fire safety

EDCs typically cover comforts, for example, generator charges, CCTV, water treatment plant, electric transformer, and so on. Check how much the EDC is for every enhancement and if it covers the essential facilities.

5. Value for money/examination with other for-sale flats

Toward the end, to totally ensure that you are getting the absolute best for your investment make a weighted-average comparison chart utilising the parameters given above and others you can consider, for the properties you have shortlisted and are under evaluation.

This asset should go a long way in helping you discover your dream home practically & conveniently.

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