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Type of Property you buy!

type of home you are buying in Pune

What is Budget property and Luxury property?

Generally, huge number of home buyers looks for the budget property. Budget properties are the target of middleclass or lower-middleclass people. Finding a budget property at the prime locations of the city these days is a crucial thing. But looking over the expansion of Pune city, one can find the budget flat in Dhanori, Lohegaon and Ravet area.

For the investors with small budget these suburbs of Pune are the best investment option. As there is increasing demand of budget properties, builders in Pune are focusing on providing the quality budget homes.

But there is another class of people who can afford luxury at any cost. In general, this kind of property is exclusive and unique. Primary factor of this type of property while selecting, is the location. But with the new trend of extremely prime and ultra-modern projects coming up even in newer areas, this is no longer a reality.

What is meant by exclusivity?

Exclusivity comes with price you pay! Considering the exclusiveness, it means that proximity to other high-end residences, social areas like shopping malls, parks and sports complexes.

In areas like Ravet, PCMC where planned urbanization has preserved a lot of the available green cover, natural beauty is also a parameter to calculate its exclusiveness.

Generally, the luxury property buyer wants all the amenities that are the necessity of lower-middle class people, just on large and expensive scale. While budget home buyers are satisfied with rudimentary security, regular maintenance of the project and basic fixtures and fittings. In case of luxury homeowners, they expect advanced facilities and project management that provides a seamlessly comfortable, convenient and visually enriching experience.

Unique group Pune, are providing residential projects in Ravet. Good range of homes for middleclass people to overcome the hurdles of buying a new home is the opportunity to excel in their life standard. It is but obvious that, luxury properties cost a lot more than budget. Do luxury properties make more sense investment-wise than budget homes?

This debate on budget & luxury property is unending. However, market readings also indicate that the number of first time home buyers in India is on the rise – and these buyers all seek the good surrounding, refined housing with necessary facilities. Moreover, they are mostly dependent on home loans and don’t have enough wealth to make outright purchases.

The project presented by Unique Group Pune is blend of luxury and budget. It is good opportunity for home buyers to invest their money where they can get good benefit and guarantee of flourishing future.

Also, over the last couple of years, a volatile economy has significantly impacted pricing of luxury homes, making them more affordable.

Although with a sudden increase in number of home buyers, it will not be hypothetical to say that this is the era of buyers and sellers. The new act passed by the government is a boon for both the buyer and the seller.

Despite of hike in the real estate market, investment in a luxury integrated township in the Pimpri- Chinchwad Municipal Corporation makes a lot more sense that investment in a small budget housing project. Luxury Housing Township is because it offers residents neighbors of comparable status and purchasing power, highly adequate facilities such as open space and garden.

One can have this question in mind while buying a home that which property gives you more benefits in future. Generally, lower-end real estate needs lower capital, which makes it especially appealing to small-time investors. Luxurious real estate, however, is an asset class reserved for people with a lot of capital to spend on a prime residential property.

Looking over the years, middleclass prefer the changes according to their needs. They are always in search of 1, 2, 3 BHK flats. Unique Group Pune is offering great deals for such buyers.

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A home is a splendid family nest. It is a sacred place that witnesses love, laughter and gentle tears. Quality can not be compromised while building houses. The tall buildings that stands with pride and royalty facing the sun, fighting the rains and the wind must be built with utmost guardianship and precaution.

Builders and construction plays a vital role in building successful storeys. Each storey has beautiful story's. "It takes hands to build a house but only hearts to build homes". Unique Group values all these relationship and assures beautiful constructive homes.

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