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"Unique Group" The Name says it all..!!!

Unique Group : Top Builder in Pune


team of young enterprising and dynamic youth from unique streams came together to relish many people's dreams by constructing distinctive homes.

A happy home and a sweet knit family is a wonderful gift of the Almighty. God created each one special and also with unique characteristics . One such outstanding feature or uniqueness of a man is "Fingerprints". Each finger print is unique and differs from person to person. So is the ultimate purpose of the 'UNIQUE GROUP LOGO-Fingerprint'. Unique Group stands out to be peculiar among the rest of the builders and dealers by implementing their own sole strategies to keep up with customer's and their satisfaction.

Unique Group has many salient features that sets them apart from the others. For instance clientele relationship. Every customer wants complete transparency in all the deals that they make. Therefore one to one interaction is on top of the checklist that Unique Group maintains. On time delivery is also a distinctive service that the group owes to provide and hence exceptionally satisfied customer refer their kith and kin to relish vivid range of services given by the group.

Unique Group includes an experienced team pledging to be beyond the doubt in all aspects that they deal with assuring all kinds of support. They believe, " It's not about doing it all, It's about doing your best at all you can do". Hence the group withstands itself from over commitment .

A happy space and a happy home is every individuals goal. There is a beautiful story scripted behind each home and so Unique Group aims to build secure homes and enables to script unique stories with a blend of mesmerizing, cheerful and loving memories .

About Us

A home is a splendid family nest. It is a sacred place that witnesses love, laughter and gentle tears. Quality can not be compromised while building houses. The tall buildings that stands with pride and royalty facing the sun, fighting the rains and the wind must be built with utmost guardianship and precaution.

Builders and construction plays a vital role in building successful storeys. Each storey has beautiful story's. "It takes hands to build a house but only hearts to build homes". Unique Group values all these relationship and assures beautiful constructive homes.

Contact Us

Unique Group
Sr No.111/1, Shree Darshan Apartment,
Shop No. 1, 2, 3, Tank Road, Yerawada,
Shanti Nagar, Vishrantwadi, Pune,
Maharashtra:- 411006, India

Phone: +91 774 588 4422
Email: uniquegrouppune@gmail.com